Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heroes Season 3 Finale: Hopeful Deceptions

Heroes wrapped up Season 3 with a compelling, powerful episode, which tied up some loose ends and opened up some excellent possibilities, all about good but nonetheless dangerous deceptions.

To cut to the chase: Sylar kills Nathan, Peter (shape shifting as the President) knocks out Sylar (shape shifting as Nathan), Angela convinces Matt to implant in Sylar's mind that he really is Nathan. HRG sees and approves this.

So Season 3 ends with some hope, but on shifting sands. HRG and Angela will have to lie to Claire and Peter - a satisfying plot turn, since they were lied to for most of the first season. Matt will have to lie, too, if he's brought into this again.

And will Sylar's conversion to Nathan really hold? In the brief beginning we see of Season 4, Nathan is beginning to take an interest in the workings of clocks...

The other big question mark at the end of Season 3 is what will happen to Hiro and his powers? They're beginning to make his body sick. Mohinder tells Hiro he better not be stopping time any more .... But, of course, Hiro does, at least once, and you know he will be sorely tempted to do it again.

This was an interesting, transitional season for Heroes. It still has not regained the sheer sense of wonder of the first season, but it is pulling itself up, slowly, thoughtfully, not easily, to an older, more contemplative kind of show.

Zachary Quinto may not have as big a role as Sylar looking like Sylar next season. That might well be to the good, since I expect the new Star Trek movie to be an enormous success, which will make Quinto more evocative of Spock than Sylar. And Ali Larter will be back in some sort of role next season, which is all to the good, too.

I'll definitely be watching.

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