Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fringe in New York, with Olivia Her Suspect

Fringe had a top notch, thoughtful, mind-tingling episode 1.17 in New York tonight - with Olivia as her own suspect.

The action starts in Grand Central Terminal, a favorite of mine in reality and in my fiction (GTC played a significant role in my 2004 novel, The Pixel Eye). The story is that Olivia is dreaming herself killing people. The science fiction explanation - a nice one - is that, actually, a reverse empath is killing the people (killing them by exporting his feelings to them rather than sensing what they are feeling), and Olivia is for some reason being pulled into this as an observer in her dreams.

Ultimately we find out that Olivia has been given a drug, and has been part of this experiment, since her childhood. And guess who's doing the experimentation - Walter, and a gravelly voiced associate who is no doubt William Bell.

There was some speculation throughout the season that Bell is really Walter - but unless Walter was talking to himself, and putting on a different voice on the tape we heard tonight, Bell is not Walter. Well ... ok, I wouldn't put it past Walter to be talking to himself. But, on the other hand, everyone and their grandparents are saying Leonard Nimoy will play Bell, and Nimoy and John Noble are certainly two different people.

So we should be in for some good revelations, as Fringe moves into the final episodes of what I hope are just the first of many seasons....

In the meantime, here's a nice clip on tv.com about tonight's episode of Fringe.

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