Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lost 5.12: Ben vs. Charles, and Locke's Slave

Just saw Lost 5.12 on DVR - after the Passover seder. The two stories have a lot in common, actually - release from bondage, quest to regain a promised land, intervention of forces greater than humanity - but, as far as I know, no time travel in the Jewish tradition....

Tonight's Lost was not that much about time travel, either, though we saw glimpses of Charles and Ben throughout time. We learned last week that Charles and El have some kind of authority over the island and Richard's people - though Richard, who in effect is the high priest in contrast to Charles and El's political authority, made it clear that he takes orders from no one.

Young Ben's recovery, due to Richard and the island's healing properties, puts him on a slow-moving collision course with Charles, which leads to Ben forcing Charles off the island, a few years after Charles tried to prevent Ben from "adopting" Alex.

We already knew part of the later piece of the story, in which Ben holds Charles responsible for Keamy's killing of Alex, as he holds himself even more responsible, too.

It plays out tonight. Ben comes to kill Penny - Charles' daughter - but Desmond stops him and beats Ben to a pulp (a common condition for Ben). Penny & Desmond may be my favorite couple on Lost, so I was glad to see Penny live. I have a feeling Penny may be out of danger now - at least, from Ben.

And later, back on the island, resurrected Locke leads Ben to confront the smoke monster, who lets Ben live, but summons Alex to tell Ben he must become Locke's slave.

So now it will be Locke with Ben in service versus the still dangerous Charles.

But I'd still like know why Richard - unlike even Moses - never ages, and if he's the only one.

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