Wednesday, April 28, 2010

V 1.9: Moral Complexity and NonStop Action

V 1.9 continues to serve up tough moral dilemmas with nonstop action.   Jeffrey, a human working with the Visitors to destroy the 5th column, was captured by our team last week, when Father Jack shot him.  This week, first Erica and then Kyle have at him.   Erica doesn't want to turn Jeffrey over to Kyle, and pleads with Jeffrey to cooperate.  But Jeffrey won't: his daughter was put in a wheel chair by a human driver on a cellphone, and the Vs got her to walk again.    He knows of nothing the Vs ever did to hurt anyone.  Why should he turn on them?   Erica is moved by this as a parent, but fortunately for the human race, she knows all too well of what the Visitors are capable.

V medicine is clearly one of their most powerful recruitment tools, and it's apparently working on Chad.  His V surgery to prevent a brain aneurysm that human technology could not even see has led him not only to publicly embrace and endorse the Visitors, but now serve as their secret agent, seeking information from Father Jack.   But given the possibility, even likelihood, that Chad will bump into some monstrous V plan on the ship,  I wouldn't be shocked if he were to turn into a double agent - working for humans as he pretended to work for Anna - before too long.   More shades of gray.

Ryan and Valerie barely escape a V Terminator-like "soldier" in one of the best action sequences of the series.   But Valerie wants to go it alone - she can't (yet) forgive Ryan for not letting her know that he was a Visitor.

And it looks as if Lisa is not abandoning the human sensitivity that was picked up on her scan last week.  In a significant scene, she tells Tyler not to take up permanent residence on the ship - this against Anna's express desires.   Her feelings for Tyler are counting more than loyalty to her mother, a human thing to do in any situation, even when your mother is not a lizard from space invading Earth.

The spectrum of characters, pro and con the Visitors, has the excellent effect of making most of the characters unpredictable, which keeps us on edge and continues to be one of the most appealing aspects of this series.

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