Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good that Fed Court Struck Down California Prop 8 Law!

The Federal courts have been doing a superb job of late.   In the past few months, the Court of Appeals in the New York told the FCC what they could do with their unconstitutional fines of broadcasters of "fleeting expletives," a District Fed court stripped out the worst parts of the Arizona Immigration law, and today a Federal District Court in California struck down California's notorious Proposition 8, which when it became law banned gay marriage.

The logic of the proposition was always absurd - that somehow gay marriage would undermine heterosexual marriage - as if I'm going to come home and say to my wife, hey, honey, now that gays are getting married, it looks like our marriage is over.   The law was discriminatory in the worst - telling human beings that, due to their sexual preferences, the government won't let them marry.

In a civilized democracy, the courts provide a check on the excesses of both the government and the people.   It is heartening to see our courts finally back on the right track of doing this.  Federal Judge Vaughn Walker gave a helping hand to both our democracy and our civilization in California today.  Let this be the beginning of much more.
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