Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weeds Season 6 Sneak Preview Review (no real spoilers)

Well, I've seen the first episode of Weeds Season 6, courtesy of a Showtime screener disk.  It picks up right after Season 5 ends, with Esteban's lady political handler floating face down in the pool, dispatched there by Shane's mallot to her head.

What's Nancy to do?   The only move is to get the Botwins packed up and out of town, as soon as possible.    To where we do not yet know, and likely neither does she, for sure, but it's clear we're all going to have lots of fun getting there.

Shane's better than ever in this episode, a stone cold sweet psycho.   No longer a little boy, he in many ways has taken charge of the family.   Silas, as he's been for at least the past few years, is the closest the family has to a voice of reason, with Andy, who can run from brilliantly rational to way off the grid, as backup.

Nancy has come a long way over the years - from small town mom dealing weed, to semi-big time drug dealer, to someone who wanted to get out of the game but just couldn't.  Along the way she's loved and been threatened by a corrupt DEA  guy and a handsome Mexican politician who also runs a big drug cartel.   Given that the she has Esteban's baby - which saved her life from Esteban's execution - it won't be easy for her and her family to divest themselves of Esteban's control.   And she may not completely want to - though, she'll surely choose protecting her sons over anything else in the world.

It's good to see the Botwins moving on again, to who knows where, and it'll be laughs, thrills, and heartaches as always, seeing how it all turns out.

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