Monday, August 9, 2010

True Blood 3.8: Break Up to Make Up

Well, True Blood 3.7 ended last week with Sookie screaming in terror at the sight of Bill, as she comes to in a hospital bed.   That's just where True Blood 3.8 begins...

Bill had brought Sookie back from near death, but, as she explains to Bill in 3.8, his feasting on her blood as he was coming back from the brink of death in the back of the van was the worst hurt she had ever endured.   And the thought of that was enough to keep her from being with Bill.   For his part, Bill said all the right things - he wanted only the best for Sookie, including her smiling in the sun, and that could not include him.

But you know they'll get back together anyway, if  not quite as fast as it happened in 3.8, which was by the end of the episode.  The catalyst was Bill coming to save Sookie, after the King launches an all-out attack.   He's determined to deconstruct Sookie - that is, figure out what makes her tick.

Sookie's cousin is under the King's sway, but of course not Eric, who uses the time the King is away to seduce and then dispatch Talbot, the King's gay significant other.  Talbot was understandably not happy about the King marrying the Queen of Louisiana, but now Talbot is out of the picture.  Which reminded me again that we still have seen no final vampiric death of Mott, even though Tara still seems sure that she killed him.

Anyway ... the King's assault on Sookie draws Bill to her side, and soon enough the two are making passionate love - not as wild as what we've seen previously between Bill and Lorena - but pretty good in its own right.

After all, as the whole season has telling and showing us, Sookie is something far more powerful than mere human ....

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