Monday, August 30, 2010

True Blood 3.11: Here Comes the Sun

Well, we all know what sunlight does to vampires, including those on True Blood.  The most vivid, touching, wrenching example came last year, when Godric used the sun at dawn to commit a noble suicide.    We've seen Bill brave the death of the sun to save Sookie.   But this year we've seen something a little different.

Bill seems immune to the sun's death rays, at least for a minute or two, after he gorges on Sookie's blood, which turns out not only to be sweetest blood he's ever tasted, but also conveys some powerful properties.  This is because Sookie has fairy or alien blood in her veins, being a human-fairy hybrid.

This gives Eric a brilliant idea which he seeks to implement in episode 3.11.   If he can make the King think that the sun-resistant effect of Sookie's blood is permanent, then the King will be tempted to see if he can attain the age-old vampire dream of walking in the sun, or being a "dew walker," as he poetically puts it.  But the King is a crafty vampire.   He'll only try this if Eric demonstrates the Sookie sun tonic's effect first.

And so the final scene shows Eric and the King, handcuffed by Eric's hand, steaming, dying in the sun.   It's a powerful end to the penultimate episode of this season.

Other goodies include Tara and rough-tough Sam together at last, Jason and the were-panther, and Jessica and Hoyt back together.  But the big story is what will happen to Eric and the King, and I'm guessing - having read none of the books and seen no spoilers - that only the King will die a true, much deserved death.

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