Monday, August 9, 2010

Mad Men 4.3: Both Coasts

Mad Men 4.3 brought us to New Year's 1964-1965, with Don on both coasts.

First, Don goes out to California to see Anna.   He's in classic Don cad mode, affectionate to Anna but all too quick to hit on her niece, a surfer-girl co-ed.   But she tells Don that Anna is dying of cancer, but doesn't know it, and this jump-starts Don into the caring, loving guy we see with him towards his children.   So we now have a somewhat bigger, more clear picture of Don: he is what he is, happy to sleep with any woman he can, whatever the consequences.  But he harbors a generous soul, which comes out for his children and when people he cares about are in grave danger.

Back in New York, it's Don and Lane on New Year's Eve.  Lane loves America.  He wife does not, and apparently doesn't care much for him either.   The result is she's in England and he's in New York, and in the office with Don the day before the New Year.

They two dine out, and Don offers Lane a night with a friend of Don's call girl, with whom Don will be ringing in the New Year.  Lane agrees, and the two couples spend a satisfying night at Don's place.  This is an important step both for Lane, and his relationship with Don.  The two now have a bond that Don likely has only with Roger at this point.

Meanwhile, Joan has an oddly compelling New Year's Eve with her surgeon husband, who mends the gash on her hand.  Unable to relate to each other in most other ways, this scene shows them about as close together as we've seen.   The two may have finally found an intense, common ground.  But the ground is small, and may not be enough.

The next work day finds Don, Lane, Joan, and the gang seated around the conference table that the firm did buy, at the office.  It's a great final scene.  I'm always been a sucker for scenes that show life and work go on as usual, with the participants having all kinds of secrets and knowledge that the others don't know about.

PS - Jan and Dean's "Sidewalk Surfin" playing when Don was out in California was my favorite music in last night's episode.  Here's a taste.

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