Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lie to Me 2.20: Dr. Burns

Well, we finally learn the fate of Dr. Dave Burns and Dr. Gillian Foster in Lie to Me 2.20, in another strong episode that pits Dr. Cal Lightman and his talents against Gillian's lover, and thus to some extent against Gillian and her talents, too.  A tale of three doctors.

Dave Burns works for the DEA - which we learned at the end of an episode a few weeks ago, when Gillian discovered that Burns wasn't telling the truth about himself.  Now Burns get taken hostage by the son of a drug boss who has been killed, apparently by a DEA agent.

The question Lightman - and the kidnapper - must answer is: who killed the father (Moon).  Was it Burns or his female partner?   All that Lightman knows for sure is that Burns is once again lying about something big.

Turns out that Burns' partner was made pregnant by Moon, when she was obliged to go deeply undercover.  Does this make her more or less likely to have killed Moon, and what does it say about Burns and his motives?   Lightman also raises suspicion that the killer was actually one of Moon's men ...

I won't tell you the ending, but let's just say that it leads to Burns being sent into witness protection, which means he and Gillian are effectively over (good arc by Max Martini aka Mac from The Unit).   Since Lightman and beautiful Clara as a possible romantic interest also ended a few weeks ago, the field is now open for Lightman and Foster to finally get together.

I'm told by fans that this has about as much likelihood as House and Cuddy - but, wait, didn't they finally get together at the end of last season?

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