Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hats Off to Larry Hagman for Superb Solar Commercials!

Hey, a shout out to Larry Hagman for retrieving his J. R. Ewing character from Dallas, on behalf of solar energy!   There's a superb core commercial - watch it below - being played all over MSNBC, and at least two other commericals up on YouTube.   In one, Larry tells Sue Ellen on the phone about solar.  In another, he enjoys hearing that his rival Cliff Barnes is still in the oil business.

Nothing like a masterful appeal to authority for a good cause - in this case, solar power.    It's fun to see old J. R. on any occasion after all these years.  But with a social conscience, and still interested in making a buck, you couldn't ask for more.   Even better than Pamela's season-long dream about Bobby.

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