Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lie to Me 2.18: Lightman on the Dark Side

Lightman himself is the object of a police investigation in Lie to Me 2.18, as he visits the dark side of life in a fight club.  He tells everyone - as they find out about his visit - that he was there to study human faces on the scene.  But he and we and Gillian and Ria know better - or worse - that Lightman's at the fight because of his gambling addiction, which we saw in action earlier in the season when he was in Las Vegas.

The police are looking into this night because one of the fighters is shot dead as he's leaving the club, with Lightman close by.  Lightman tries to deny his presence, with the Fed in charge of the investigation being an old enemy.  Ria helps by clipping Lightman out of an amateur video taken of the fight - but Lightman can only keep himself out of this as a suspect for so long.

Meanwhile, Gillian and Dr. Dave Burns (Mac from The Unit) are going great guns in bed, but Gillian soon learns that he has an alternate identity (why do women always go through their lovers' papers?).   Turns out he's a secret agent himself - but really is a doctor - and in a fine last scene Gillian introduces her relationship with Dave to Lightman, who takes it pretty well. 

So it looks as if poor Lightman is out of luck (his choice) with Clara, and now the door is closing on Gillian.   Well, maybe he can use his face-reading powers to find someone who can love him with no complications .... Nah, not likely with Lightman, and that's part of the fun.

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