Sunday, August 22, 2010

True Blood 3.10: "Medieval on TV"

Well, as we know,  HBO's  True Blood  is not only medieval, but ancient, modern, post-modern, and on occasion even futuristic on TV (these vampires are by no means allergic to technological progress).  But "medieval on TV" was one of the best lines in tonight's episode 3.10 of True Blood, as Bill remarks about the King's ripping out a news anchor's spine right there on live TV last week (that is, last week on HBO, not that long ago on the live TV within the story).

This episode was actually just chock full of good stories lines and spoken lines.  Sam had one of his best lines - two rules in his bar, "no dancing and no religion" (I get the religion but what is his problem with dancing - dogs don't dance? - my daughter says maybe it's a response to the crazed Maenad dancing last year) - and we also get some fine back story on Sam.  Back in 2003, he's almost swindled by a couple - the woman seduces him to give her real guy access to steal Sam's money.  But he gets it back - by going more or less medieval on them.   This and last week shows the stern stuff this dog is made of.

Jason also has a good story night.  He and Tara kiss, which gets him to tell Tara that he killed Eggs.  I'm guessing Tara will eventually forgive him - especially since Jason also truly killed Mott - but that won't be tonight.

But the biggest plot points involve Sookie, Bill, and Eric.  Bill tells Sookie she has fairy blood - which accounts for her powers, and her attractiveness to vampires.   But soon after Sookie lets Eric kiss her - this time for real, not just in a dream.   Eric plans to use Sookie as bait to help him get some leverage in his looming battle with the King.    But I'm thinking Eric wants Sookie to live almost as much as does Bill.

And there's one other thing.  Apparently there's an additional secret that Bill and Eric know about Sookie ... Just two more episodes to find out - and to find out if Eric or the King survive.  Sentimentalist that I am,  I'd say it's got to be Eric ....

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