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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twice Upon a Rhyme reviewed in Shindig Magazine

Here's a scan of the complete short review by Austin Matthews, along with his brief interview with me, in the January-February 2011 Shindig Magazine, hitting magazine stores and stands and subscribers' mailboxes even as I write and you read this ...

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Austin Matthews' review of Twice Upon a Rhyme
in January-February 2011 Shindig Magazine

You can get to the eBay page selling brand new re-mastered vinyls of Twice Upon a Rhyme just by clicking on Twice Upon a Rhyme in the above caption  (the remastering is fabulous).   MP3s of the original 1972 album are on iTunes and Amazon and all the digital outlets.

Here's the first song on the album, Today is Just Like You - enjoy!

Would you like to listen to other complete tracks from Twice Upon a Rhyme on Internet radio stations?  Try these stations, which are playing a track or two or three from the album at various times of the day ... JackMix.FM ... RockOn365 ... Garage Lombus ... Way Off the Grid Radio ... BeautyRadio.com ... mjc Radio ... Progulus Radio ... fatBuzz ... The Rock Doctor ... Radio BGC ...  Swan Fungus ... Gratitude Radio ... Travelling Underground ... Real Hit Radio ... More than Music and Memories ... Boston Internet Radio ...  Memory Lane Radio with BIG BOB ... Outside the Dial ... Family Dog Radio ... Golden String Radio ... Plastic Tales from the Marshmallow Dimension, WNYU, 89.1 FM, New York City ... Pete Fornatale's Mixed Bag, WFUV, 90.7 FM, New York City ... Click and get lucky!


VaTAga said...

Sir! "Twice Upon a Rhyme" is very good album we marked as gem from the great past. I`m glad to hear about reissue of this gread creation. And I Have only question: who told in russian in the beginning of "Today Is Just Like You"? Greetings from Moscow

Paul Levinson said...

Great to have your comment here, VaTage! I'm glad you like Twice Upon a Rhyme - I put up a link to it on my Facebook music page - http://www.facebook.com/PaulLevinsonMusic - scroll down to the early December listings.

Sasha Humek was speaking in Russian at the beginning of "Today Is Just Like". Boris Midney (who played saxophone and clarinet on the album) brought Sasha into the studio, because we needed a second violin player (to play along with Israel Esquenazi, who also played violin on the album). I haven't been in touch with Sasha since 1972 - if you ever get an email address for him, please let me know!

VaTAga said...

O! Thank you! It1s very interesting!