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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bones 6.10: Reflections

Bones always has a nice scientific or cool high-tech something or other going on - if it's high-tech, it's usually Angela - but the key tech fix in tonight's episode 6.10 was especially neat and satisfying.  Faced with an image of a woman - the murder victim - having sex with the likely killer, and she's on top, obscuring all of his face and most of his body, Angela collects the pieces of images of his face in all possible reflections of it in the room.  With Bones assisting in where to look for best reflections, Angela puts together a composite and, voila, there's the face of the killer!

The main personal story in tonight's episode was not as satisfying.  Booth tells Hannah what Bones told him last week - how she loved him and missed her chance, in that exquisite scene - and Hannah's understandably not happy.   Ok, so far that makes sense.  But the last scene features Bones and Hannah at a bar, drinking their heads off, Bones concluding it's time she moved on from Booth, and Bones and Hannah laughing it up at the expense of a "pervert" (as Hannah puts it) who wants to have sex with both of them.  Maybe it's just me, but I would have rather seen the episode end not on a laugh, but Bones telling Hannah she intended to fight with every ounce of her being for Booth.  I'm not even saying I want Bones to win this fight - though I do - but just that there should be more than laughs and understanding at this point in this deep triad story.

Otherwise, there was some excellent stuff between Angela and Hodgins, it's always good to see Clark on the job, and I'm always glad to see anything about Chinese medical culture (see The Silk Code).   But - there's a place for friendship, there's a place for all-out-battle, and Bones and Hannah re: Booth is not the place for friendship.

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