Wednesday, January 5, 2011

V is Back and Badler

V returned to ABC last night with the debut of its second season reincarnation from back in the 1980s.  Not only that - V came back with one of the prime characters from the original 1980s mini-series and follow-up weekly series - Diana (played by Jane Badler), the beautiful, wicked, coldly vicious leader of the Visitors back then.

Much of the current story centers around Anna, the current V queen bee, and whether she has been compromised by human emotion - in particular, the anguish that she felt over the destruction of her V army, her "children".   V commanders from all over - or above - our world come to her ship, where she has to convince them that she's still tough enough, which is to say, emotionless enough, to continue to lead.  She does this easily, by coolly killing one of the commanders with her tail.

Anna has cause to be concerned.  Her daughter Lisa, more attractive than ever in human skin and black bra and panties, apparently truly loves Tyler, and is also apparently working with the Fifth Column.  Anna orders Lisa to seduce Tyler - that its, sleep with him again - and she has no trouble following that instruction.   Anna praises Lisa for her good work, but truth is that this wasn't work for Lisa at all, and she is now manipulating her mother in this relationship rather than vice versa.   Tyler, meanwhile, will bear watching, because we got the slightest hint last night that his mother Erica may have had alien contact some time in the past ...

Which brings us back to Diana.  She was certainly here on Earth 20 years ago, if the real time that has passed between the original and the current V is adhered to in the current story.   We also learned last night that the Visitors were here 50 years ago.  And best of all - Diana is Anna's mother!

So the new season has lots of good material - including the survival of Joshua, the Fifth Columnist who was was apparently killed at the end of the last season.   He's been brought back to life - but he may have lost his Fifth Column sympathies in the process.

I'll be back here next week with more.

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