Friday, January 28, 2011

Flowers for Fringenon in Fringe 3.11

My favorite part of Fringe 3.11 tonight is Walter trying to recover the intelligence that Bell took from him - not intelligence as in information, but intelligence, literally, as in  our brain cells.   Bell took out parts of Walter's brain at Walter's request, so Walter would not turn into Walternate.  Now Walter wants the intelligence back, so he can figure out all and exactly what Walternate is doing.

Just as in Daniel Keyes' classic "Flowers for Algernon" - probably the best standalone science fiction short fiction ever written - it ain't easy.   Walter does a little better than the mouse and the protagonist in "Flowers for Algernon," but he doesn't get his lost intelligence back yet either.   He's taken the chimp DNA that Bell had experimented with, not Walter's own.

Still, Walter's sharp enough to come up with a good name for alternate, bad Olivia on the other side - Fauxlivia.   So we now have a nice evil pair over there - Walternate and Fauxlivia.

The other part of the story tonight concerns Peter and the ultimate weapon, and shape-shifter soldiers from the other side, over here, who are getting snuffed.   The shape-shifters were never my favorite part of Fringe - they're poor man's Terminators - and neither is the ancient, ultimate weapon.  Not that I don't like mining ancient vastly advanced civilizations - see a little of my 1999 novel, The Silk Code - but their involvement in this all-powerful weapon threatening us now is a little comic-bookish.

On the other hand, Peter's role in bringing forth this weapon is much more intriguing.  We see, tonight, that it's turning him into a different kind of person - especially ironic and compelling, since Olivia seems to have gotten over Peter and Fauxlivia, and all but tells him she's ready to resume their relationship....

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