Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Third of the Third

The third episode of The Third - Emon Hassan's darkly mysterious new web series, starring Philip Willingham and in this episode Jessalyn Maguire - was put up nine days ago, which is three times three, so I thought I'd put up the review today.

Did I mention that this micro-series has M. Night Shyamalan vibes? That's because the tone is not only mysterious and brooding, but spiritual and supernatural.   The music by Kevin Mahonchak enhances this mood.  The action, which is dreamlike and about 33.33% non-verbal, takes place at the Trinity Church, on Broadway and Wall Street, that we saw in the last episode. Trinity ... another rendition of the third.

Our hero has a conversation with a woman, who has also been drawn to the church and its graveyard.  She tells our hero about a dream she's been having, which may have something to do with why she can't keep away from this place.  The dream is about something that happened in the past, in an earlier era, with horses, lanterns, and midwives.    There's a baby involved, and he's taken by two uniformed men, who shoot the midwife while they're at it ...

The baby's not the narrator's, who has this dream every night ... but we'll have to wait until February 1* for the next episode ... which is just three days away.

*Emon just told me that the 4th episode of The Third has been pushed forward to a February 8 premiere.    That's a week, or 7 days, and 4 (the fourth episode) plus 3 (of The Third) equals 7, so that still works for me.

The Third Pilot: Episode 3 from Emon Hassan on Vimeo.

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