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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tyra on Criminal Minds 6.13

Nice coincidence ... just as I was putting the finishing touches on an essay about Friday Night Lights (which I'll tell you more about as we get closer to the publication date this summer), and whom do I see on Criminal Minds but Tyra (played by Adrianne Palicki), who is always good to see, whether as a tough girl with a good heart on Friday Night Lights, or a psychopathic killer on tonight's Criminal Minds 6.13.

Yeah, good ol' Tyra (her name is Sydney this time around) is on a killing spree with her boy friend/husband who's played by Jonathan Tucker of The Black Donnellys, another superb NBC show, which unfortunately lasted less than one season a few years back.   Tucker (Tommy on the Donnellys, Ray on tonight's CM) has a certain amount of sensitivity, as did his much better character on the Donnellys.   I would've liked to see Riggins jumping into this, but no such luck, and our gun-happy couple predictably end up dead, but not quite as you might have expected.

Of more lasting significance is a thread introduced about  Emily, who quotes Nietzsche about suffering at the beginning of this episode.  She's on the verge of suffering an unwanted reunion with some unfinished business from her past just out of prison in Russia.

This makes the second wriggling back story for one of the BAU team introduced in the past two episodes, the first being Spencer losing some part of his mind in episode 6.12.

Interesting stuff on this highly intelligent show, which will no doubt play some major role in or before this season's finale.

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