Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Second of The Third

The second episode of  Emon Hassan's The Third appeared online January 4, four days ago.    Short, quietly mysterious, inscrutable, like the pilot, but with a glim more of a plot, and two more characters, too, which makes it a tad more scrutable, if that's a word (I don't know that glim is, either), but, even if not, you get the picture.

The hero, well played by Philip Willingham, gets an assignment by smart phone, to make contact with someone in Bryant Park.  (Ah, Bryant Park, scene of much of my third Phil D'Amato novel, The Pixel Eye - a worthy place for mystery if ever there was one.)   Sitting on a bench, waiting to talk to our hero, is someone who may be his older self.  (That's just my opinion.  The man on the bench is American and much older than our British hero.  But the two did look in some sense the same.  The closing credits, however, do list two guest performers - in addition to our hero - so chances are, at very least, that the guy on the bench is not a bloke, that is,  is not played by Willingham.)

Are you with me so far?  (If not, don't worry, you can watch the second episode right here in the comfort of this blog, below.)  Anyway, the third performer is a woman, and indeed the topic of conversation between the hero and maybe his older self on the bench.   The hero follows her to a small graveyard with crumbling tombstones near Ground Zero, in sight of the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site.   The hero is clearly affected by this, he looks at the tombstone of Moses Gale (one of the amenities in watching any movie online is how easy it is to stop the action and see what's going on - just like with a DVD or DVR, but of course not possible in the theater).  No, I don't know who Moses Gale was, but feel as if I should.

And here is where the second episode of The Third concludes.   There's clearly something serious, sinister, wrenching going on - a smidge of Nolan's Memento now, too - you can see it on the hero's face.

You can see for yourself in the complete second episode below, and you'll see me back here (a statement of my intentions, not a command to you, but you owe it to yourself to drop by) soon after the third of The Third finds its way to Internet screens.

The Third Pilot: Episode 2 from Emon Hassan on Vimeo.

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