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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bones 6.11: The End and the Beginning of a Mystery

A tip-top Bones 6.11 tonight, which features the return of the Gravedigger, in turn touching the lives and stirring deep emotions in many of our major characters.

In Bones past, the Gravedigger kidnapped and killed children, kidnapped Bones and Hodgins and nearly killed them by burying them in a car.   In a subsequent season she nearly did in Booth, but in the aftermath of his rescue by Bones he dreamed a beautiful dream of the two of them happy together.

She - the Gravedigger - was  revealed to be US Attorney Heather Taffet, and tonight's episode opens with Sweets accompanying her in the paddy wagon on the way to her final appeal.  Taffet gets off my favorite line in the show, ridiculing Sweets, observing "you remind me of a little boy dressed up in his father's suit."   This line was nastily finer that her subsequent comment that Sweets is "a repressed, immature, imbecile," which Sweet nonetheless almost torments himself with later, playing the recording he made of it.

It's close to the last thing Taffet says, because her head is clean blown off shortly after she and Sweets get out of the vehicle, with Booth and Caroline standing by.  This becomes the main mystery of the evening - who killed Taffet - and motives and possible suspects abound.  These range from Booth himself and Hodgins, who have understandable hatred of the Gravedigger, to parents of the murdered children, who have even more hatred, to Max - yep, it's good to see him back - who, as Brennan's father, would have reason to want to snuff out Taffet to keep Brennan safe.

But though all of the above have reason to be happy about Taffet's head blown off, only one has something to do with the act, and he's not a member of our crew or one of their relatives.  He's the father of two sons killed by the Gravedigger, and we find that he paid a marksman who approached him with an offer - give me the sum of two million dollars to take out Taffet.

But why did the sharpshooter approach the father in the first place?  Just to make money, or for some other motive?   Is it possible a third party - like Max - put up the money and all the rest of this in motion?

Apparently not, but we don't get too many answers, which is good, because it leaves open some tantalizing loose ends.   What we do know is that a shooter played by Arnold Vosloo - last seen as Mossad Officer Amit Hadar on NCIS (and a lot earlier in The Mummy - a natural for Bones)- is likely to have pulled the trigger.  But in an inconclusive confrontation with Booth, Vosloo's character denies that he did the deed, even though he defends the murder of a prostitute by the shooter (he was using her window for the Taffet kill) as "collateral damage".  This could be something a killer would say, but it could also be something an assassin pro might say, whether or nor he was the killer in this case.  And Vosloo - I like his name better than the character's, which I can't quite recall, anyway - did let Booth go...

And to top off the episode, there's this ... the long look that Booth gives Bones, through the window, as she holds a seashell to her ear that Max gave her.   That's a good look for Booth.

And it makes sense, since the Gravedigger in general and its likely unconscious reminder for Booth of his dream of being a couple with Bones put him in a frame of mind to feel what he felt and on some deep level still feels for her.

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