Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lightman on Caprica, Fungus, and Sociopathic Markers: Lie to Me Returns

Well, he's not really on Caprica, but Lightman is in a mental institution in Episode 3.9, where he sees his deceased mother, played by Paula Malcomson, who played Amanda Graystone, on the late, lamented (certainly by me) Caprica. Lightman has deliberately put himself undercover in the fun house, on behalf of a father of his daughter's friend, and it seems the head shrink is for whatever reason drugging both the friend's father (Wayne) and now Lightman. But the cause of the madness is a fungus (medieval, in fact - ergot), supplied by Wayne's sister through muffins brought to Wayne by his unknowing daughter. Lightman cracks the case, and along the way we get some interesting Lightman family history.

No fungus in Episode 3.10 - we got a double billing tonight - but it did have Gina Ravera from The Closer and a search for "sociopathic markers" in a con man (George) so good at his craft that his face and voice are lie-revelation-proof.   Doesn't protect him from being murdered, and Lightman and crew turn to figuring out which or how many of his former wives (all swindled) did him in but- turns out George almost has the last laugh, because the ingenious con man isn't dead at all ...

I won't tell you exactly what happened, but this a better than usual, tip top episode of Lie to Me, pitting master lie-detector against master liar, and even two nice shots of that wall of famous lying faces in Lightman's office, which I don't recall seeing in Episode 3.9 in the first hour.  But hey, it did give me a chance to mention Caprica, that bygone world of elusive reality, an attractive asylum of sorts in itself, and that's no lie ...

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