Tuesday, January 18, 2011

House 7.9: The Vilda Chaya

My mother always used to call me that - a "vilda chaya" - when I was a kid and my hair was unruly.  "You look like a vilda chaya" - could also be spelled "chia" - meaning, you look like a wild animal.  It was my favorite line in House 7.9 tonight, said by Cuddy's mother - played by Candice Bergen - about how Cuddy's daughter was behaving earlier out doors.   Arlene Cuddy (Lisa's mother) had an almost constant stream of choice Yiddishisms, including shtup and shmendrick (look 'em up).   She converted to Judaism when she married Lisa's father, and developed a real ear for our language.

There was also a keen ethical issue at the heart of tonight's episode:  is heroism a disease?  A guy from a rock band jumps on to the train tracks to save a woman.   He then collapses and ends up in Princeton-Plainsboro.  Martha, like most people in the world, thinks he's a hero.   House thinks whatever made him sick affected his judgment before he jumped on the tracks, and that's why he was so brave.  I could have called this review "Is Heroism a Disease," but I couldn't resist the vilda chaya.

The resolution of the debate about heroism pretty much goes to House - the hero was suffering from an illness.  But Martha gets points for predicting that the illness was an infection, and, besides, I think she's right in general about the nature of heroism.  House's view is too cynical and I would bet rarely medically supported.  It is tempting to use in fiction, though (see my novel, The Plot to Save Socrates).

Other good touches tonight:  Taub's picture is up on billboards, House drugs Arlene, and Chase and Foreman have a little discussion about why neither of them were on the billboard.  And I'm off to watch Lie to Me ...

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