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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alcratraz 1.11: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy

Alcatraz 1.11 moved up to the two-hour season finale next week, with an episode that brought us more information about Lucy, and had her come out of her coma in 2012 at the end.

As Dr. Diego and Rebecca note, Lucy is one of the keys to what's really going on with the time shift of prisoners and a couple of "good" people from 1963 to the 2012.  As far as we know, Lucy and Dr. Beauregard are the only high-level officials in the prison who shifted (we don't know about the warden, and that's significant).  Both are thus of keen interest to Hauser.

But Lucy, as we see more evidence of in 1.11, is important to Hauser in another way.  As a prison guard in 1963, he was falling in love with her.   Bringing her out of her coma in 2012 is thus his single most important goal.

Why, in 2012, did Cobb shoot her?   Presumably, if there was a deeper reason beyond his murderous ways, to keep her quiet.  But on whose orders?

The obvious bad guy at the root of all of this, it seems to me, is the warden.  He has shown himself a first-rate sadist in episode after episode.  And, he, too, back in 1963, was attracted to Lucy.   Did he get Cobb to shoot her in 2012 so she couldn't be with Hauser, in addition to preventing her from helping Hauser get to the bottom of the shift?

The obscuring mists in this dark drama may be clearing just a little next week.

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