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Friday, March 30, 2012

Person of Interest 1.18: Double Ecstasy

A pretty good Person of Interest 1.18 last night, which offered a new twist on the perennial POI question of whether the number belongs to a victim (usually the case) or villain.  This time the number belongs to both - because it relates to an identity (victim) stolen by another (villain).  One number/identify being used by two people.

The double identity requires Reese and Finch to both go out into the field, each looking into one of the identities, with Finch getting the villain, actually the villainess.  Good to see Sarah Wynter in this role - I thought she was best love interest that Jack Bauer ever had after Teri (2nd season of 24 - Kate Warner).   On Person of Interest, Sarah seeks to foil Finch by dosing him with ecstasy.

This leads, in the end, to one of the finer moments between Reese and Finch.  Still under the influence, Finch offers to tell Reese anything he wants to know, about anything.  Reese, in a memorable moment of decency, declines the offer, despite his ever-present curiosity.  As Reese leaves the room, Finch mumbles "Nathan," a drug induced recognition that Reese is now as valued a partner as Nathan once was.

The other nice take-away from this episode is Finch's earlier observation that he invented social media for the government, as a way of getting people to happily make public all the kinds of information which the government has long sought with mixed success to collect.   This has a sharp relevance to the news in our real world today that the GOP in Congress defeated a bill that would have prohibited employers from requiring employees to divulge passwords to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What a world - but good we have shows like Person of Interest to remind about what can happen when government intrusion on our privacy goes beyond its already unacceptable levels.

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