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Friday, March 9, 2012

Person of Interest 1.17: Hearts and Places

Person of Interest 1.17 brings out Reese and Finch's humanity when they're set to protect a six-month-old baby girl.  And Reese's, even more so, when he's faced with a decision.

Reese and Finch are also trying to protect Elias' father - just released from prison - from Elias who wants to kill him.   Carter wants to protect Elias, too.   When the baby is kidnapped, Reese, desperate to find her, seeks Elias' aid.   The evil mastermind gives it - bringing Reese to the baby - but exacts a price.  He locks Reese and the baby into a refrigerated truck, and tells Reese that, unless he reveals the location of Elias' father, the baby and eventually Reese will die of the cold.  The baby, of course, is especially vulnerable.

Reese, as hard as nails as he usually is, does the right thing for the baby.  Realizing he can no longer give her enough warmth by holding her, he tells Elias where his father is being held.  Dramatic, powerful television, with especially good acting by Jim Caviezel as someone whose heart is in the right place and is determined not to let this baby die.

But his decision has consequences.  One of the detectives protecting Elias' father is shot and badly wounded by Elias' people as they descend upon the scene.  It's not clear whether the detective will survive, and when Reese joins Carter on the scene she tells him that she "can't do this anymore" - the "this" being her cooperation with Reese and Finch.   This development could have profound consequences for the series.

Meanwhile, Person of Interest continues not only to tell a good story but put in some nice touches of humor, as when Reese and Finch get a look at the police sketch of Finch, being sought by police for kidnapping the baby from the hospital, which he did to protect her.  The sketch looks like a drawing of Finch done by someone on LSD, and prompts Finch to remark that it's no wonder that these sketches are never really much help in nabbing suspects.

But Person of Interest definitely nabbed some viewers, including me.

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