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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Borgias Season 2 Sneak Preview Review

I had the pleasure of seeing the first 4 episodes of The Borgias second season - thanks to a Showtime screener - and can reveal the following -
  • two important deaths, one male, one female, neither of their own hand
  • two new appealing (in different ways) female characters
  • in general, and especially regarding the 3rd and 4th episodes, I think season 2 is considerably better than season 1 (and this is saying a lot, since I much enjoyed the first season)
Great political maneuvering, nice nudity, and top-notch military confrontation (even better than the first season) continue to light up The Borgias.   The family is at the height of its game, always close to being rent apart by its internecine battles, but pulling together when needed.  As a successor, in a sense, to Rome and The Tudors, I'd say this new season of The Borgias is now about as good as the excellent Tudors.  As with those earlier series, sex continues to be one of the stars of The Borgias, with a menage-a-trois making an appearance in the first four new episodes.

And I'll be back when the second season begins on April  8 with proper reviews of each episode.

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