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Friday, March 2, 2012


I was awake enough to see and enjoy Awake on NBC last night.  And you do have to be fully awake to appreciate this show, whose story is a little complex.

But here it is:  Police Detective Michael Britten (played by Jason Isaacs, of Brotherhood and lots of other fine fame) is in terrible car accident, with his wife and teenage son.  Cut to a few months later.  Britten is with his wife, mourning his son.  But in another scene, Britten is with his son, missing his wife.  He's seeing sage shrinks in both realities.   He tells each of his experience in the other reality.  They each try to convince him that the other reality is a dream.

So, apropos Fringe, we have an alternate-reality scenario going on here.  But unlike Fringe, the alternate realities in Awake are confined to one person - Britten is at this point the only one who has knowledge of, and in fact movies back and forth between, the two realities.  Most of the characters - other than the wife and daughter, and the alternate psychologists - seem to exist in both realities, but with no knowledge of their alternate selves.

The series is called Awake so as to make clear, I assume, that Britten isn't dreaming this.  And if it ends nonetheless as Britten's or anyone's dream, I'll consign it to the same disappointed, waste-of-time bin where Lost now resides in my television viewing history.

But, until then, I'm giving this provocative new series a shot.

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