Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

Well, fans have been longing all season for some all-out walker attack, and we got our wish in the Season 2 finale of The Walking Dead tonight, with all hell breaking out of Atlanta, proceeding right up and onto the farm.   Kudos to the shufflers, who put out some of the best subtle diversity in zombie shuffling I've seen in the entire two seasons.  And the Emmy for the best walker shuffling spasmodic walk goes to ...

What precipitated the march out of Atlanta?  We see a helicopter in the sky - the same one we saw in the coming attractions for this season in the first episode.  Humans on the move. Some sort of good news for the future.

But bad news for our group, now joined by Hershel's, now forced to leave the farm.  All of our people survive, some of Hershel's don't, but Hershel, Maggie, and Beth make it.  Great scene of Hershel making like Davy Crockett at the Alamo, but Hershel survives, and I'm glad.   He's one of my favorite characters.

Andrea, separated from the group, nearly doesn't make it, but she's rescued by a hooded figure with two walkers in tow.  Presumably their smell keeps other walkers away.   But who is the person behind the hood?  Male, female?   Like the helicopter, we'll no doubt find out more about this next season.

Which brings us to rest of the group.  Rick eventually tells everyone everything - he killed Shane. and Carl killed zombie Shane.  And everyone is a carrier, as I hypothesized last week (there was really no other explanation).  Everyone's a little put off that Rick didn't tell them - he learned this from the CDC doc last year (as I also figured out last week).

I get why the group is unhappy about Rick - but I didn't get Lori.  What is she so angry about?   That Carl had to kill zombie Shane?   She was the one who set Shane in motion last week, by telling him that she didn't know if he or Rick was really the father of the baby she is carrying.  And didn't she tell Rick a few weeks ago that Shane was a danger to everyone, especially Rick?  So what is she so angry about now?  She should be angry at herself.

Rick has ample reason to be no more Mr. Nice Guy, and it will be great to how this starts playing out come September.

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