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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alcratraz Season One Finale: Pros and Cons

So, with the two-hour Season One finale of Alcatraz on Fox last night, I'm still not sure if this new series is worth watching.  The fact that the single best part of every episode is Sam Neill's (Hauser's) dead-pan, chilling voice-over intro is probably not the best sign.  Still -

It was a good to see that the warden, as I thought, was the bad guy - he's a suitably creepy villain. The addition of the guy who plays SecNav on NCIS as the warden's superior was a good touch.  So is the silver colloidal blood as elixir, which brings back Lucy, and I suspect will do the same for Rebecca if the series jumps through time and lands in the Fall 2012 line-up.

But it needs to do more than just spin out a series of mostly unrelated stories of 1963 inmates finding themselves in 2012.   The stories on their are own are just not that compelling.  And although Hauser, Doc, and Rebecca as a team are ok, and better now that Lucy is back, the best part of the series still resides in the way that the time shift took place, and for what purpose.

If Alcatraz returns, I'll certainly start watching it in hope of that deeper, more fascinating tale making the front page.

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