Monday, March 5, 2012

The Walking Dead 2.11: Young Calling the Shots

Another to-the-wall ethical dilemma on The Walking Dead 2.11 last night - which means the most exquisite kind - about what to do about Randall.

In favor of killing him, everyone other than Dale at first.  Argument in favor:  Randall was part of the group that attacked Rick et al in town.  Randall now says that's part of a larger group that numbers 30, with heavy artillery.  If Randall escapes, he could well bring unbeatable, lethal firepower down on the group.  He could be kept in chains, but that could eat up valuable resources - not just food, but in someone to keep on eye on him.

In favor of sparing him: Dale.  His reasons: killing a human being in cold blood makes the group, as humans, something less than humans - or, humans lacking a basic humanity.  Even Glenn can't go along with this.   But Dale eventually convinces Andrea.

Not enough to sway Rick's hand, and he sets out to execute Randall.  He's about to pull the trigger, when Carl appears.  Carl's had an instructive day.  Randall tried to talk Carl into freeing him.  Carl in the woods later taunted a walker stuck in the mud.  The walker got half loose and almost got Carl.  Carl had taken a gun, but couldn't shoot the walker.

To his father, Carl now says "shoot him" - shoot Randall.  But this has the reverse effect on Rick - he can't execute Randall in front of his son.  This shows that, on some deep level, Rick agreed with Dale.  Shane and Daryl are disgusted by Rick's decision.

Meanwhile, Dale, also disgusted by Rick's earlier decision to execute Randall, walks off into the night - and is attacked by the walker that Carl had taunted.  Rick and crew find him, but too late.  The only head that will be shot point blank tonight is Dale's - to put him out of his misery, and for the group's safety.

And so concludes another episode in about as fine a morality plays as can be found today on television.    In a way, Carl has been the factor that led to all the events:  his presence stopped Rick from shooting Randall, and Carl's taunting the walker let to Dale's death.  And that's appropriate in this new, insane world, where the young still ultimately lead the way.

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