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Friday, March 30, 2012

Awake 1.5: Stretching A Dream

Another good, thought-provoking Awake last night - 1.5 - which raises the possibility of what might happen if Britten and Hannah in yellow world move from Los Angeles to Oregon.

Here's why that's important:  At this point, yellow and blue worlds are both in the same place.  Although Britten goes to different places in LA in the two worlds, he lives in the same house, and works in the same place.   In fact, his alternation between yellow and blue worlds happens every morning, when he awakes either with Hannah beside him or Rex in the next room.

What would happen to these alternate realities in the same point of origin if Britten changed one of those points by moving someplace else?  Significantly, both yellow and blue shrinks are happy to hear about this possible move - they rarely agree, but on this matter think it could be the beginning of Britten giving up what they say is the dream part of his double existence, and focusing more completely and healthily on the reality part.  Of course, we the viewers know, and Britten knows, that yellow shrink thinks blue world is the dream and blue shrink thinks that's the case for yellow world.

But we the viewers and Britten differ in our perception on one crucial point.  Britten seems sure that both worlds are realities, and we cannot yet be sure.   Although, as I've been saying all along, it would be disappointing if either world turns out to be a dream, or both worlds turn out to be a dream.  I'm with Britten in wanting both to be somehow be real.

In the single most telling series of scenes, at the end, Britten indicates that he might indeed move with Hannah to Oregon, but he insists to blue shrink that he's the one who's making this work now, and he'll find a way to make it (that is, the two worlds) work even if each world is in a different place.

Jason Isaacs is certainly making this complex story work with his strong, sensitive acting.  I have a feeling that the Brittens won't be moving to Oregon after all, but you never.   And Britten also now, in blue world, has a serial killing nemesis on his hands.

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