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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Falling Skies 3.3: The Smile

Falling Skies episode 3.3 last night had lots of good parts, but the most significant, in terms of long-range consequences in our story, concerned Tom and Anne's baby girl.

Last week, we see Anne noting and worried about the baby's way-too-rapid development.  As I mentioned in my review, the human-alien hybrid is something we've seen before on television, most effectively in V.  What was most interesting about Tom and Anne's child is where the alien came into the equation.   Since neither is an alien - as far as we know - the only way I can see alien DNA entering the baby's genome is via something implanted in Tom, when he was whisked away on the alien ship.

Last night, the focus shifts to Anne, and the possibility that she is imagining the unusual behavior of her baby, in some kind of post-partum blues or even psychosis.   Neither Tom nor Lourdes has seen any evidence that the baby is progressing in anything other than a human way - and Lourdes says her tests show the same - so the pressure's on Anne, who steadfastly denies that she's imaging the baby standing up and talking, just a week after her birth.  Of course, if Anne is indeed losing her mind, that's exactly what she would do.

But in an excellent last scene, with bad-alien ships flying over the Charleston compound, we catch a glimpse of the baby looking up with a distinct smile on her face.   It's a chilling and effective scene, and suggests that the baby is exercising significant intelligence indeed, to hide what she really is from everyone other than Anne.   This in turn raises the interesting question of why the baby is signaling Anne about its identity.

The other nice reveal last night is that the original President of the United States - when the aliens attacked - is still alive and still in office.   Not only does this create good competition for Tom, but opens up all kinds of possibilities - and another parallel between Falling Skies and Revolution.

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