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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Revolution Season 1 Finale: Good Pivot

The Revolution Season 1 finale on Monday was a piece with the excellent second half of this season - which was fine indeed.

The pivot was satisfying, and promises a good season 2:  the power is not only turned back on, but so is the United States of America, which we find has been holed up in Guantanamo during lo these many years of the blackout.   And we find out that the US government will not necessarily be the good guy in  the season ahead.   Its representative in the tower, a self-styled patriot, unleashes ICBMs at Philadelphia and Atlanta - two of the black-out state headquarters - before he shoots himself in the head.

I'm hoping these missiles are stopped somehow before they reach their targets, because, well, I'm a fan of both cities.  But it's good to see the alliances reconfigured, with Monroe and Miles now having some common cause, and Tom now moving into control of what is left of the Monroe Republic.  Tom's a great, evil-good character, and always gets off a good line or two.   On Monday it was telling Monroe that he has "borderline erotic fixation" on Miles, followed by a "there, I finally said it."  Good arch-funny dialogue.

I was sad to see Nora die - I liked her - but her time has been close to coming for a while now.  And her expiration means that Miles can now get together with Rachel in an unconflicted way.   Her death also served the purpose of putting Charlie at even greater odds with her mother, and that's good for the next season too.

So Revolution looks like will be moving into more of a literal revolution against the United States, which is actually more original than the Revolution we saw this season, and certainly more politically charged.

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