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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Borgias Farewell: Sneak Preview Review of Series Finale

The cancelation of The Borgias with its Season 3 finale was announced last week.   Borgias creator Neil Jordan, who had previously said he wanted to make a two-hour movie to properly complete The Borgias, pronounced himself satisfied that this season's finale completed the essential story he wanted to tell.

I just saw the season 3 finale On Demand - where Showtime occasionally puts up a programs a week in advance of their air date.   I thought this and last week's episode - which I also saw a week before its air date - were superb, in fact, the best of the season.   But I have to strongly disagree that the Borgias story, as presented in this series, has been completely told.

                                                         =====SPOILERS BELOW=====

Rodrigo and Cesare have to come terms - Rodrigo would like to see his son inherent his position as Pontiff.   We of course know this didn't come to pass in reality, and I would very much have liked to seen why it didn't in this series.

Cesare sets a new assassin - with Micheletto gone - on to the task of assassinating Lucrezia's husband Alfonso.  Before that can take place, though,  Alfonso attacks Cesare, who of course defends himself successfully and gravely wounds Alfonso.  Lucrezia is deeply hurt and furious and attempts to take her own life.   We know from history that Alfonso dies but Lucrezia does not.  Wouldn't you like to know and see played out what goes on to happen between her and her brother?

Nowadays, it's easier than ever before for writers of books, and creators of movies, to publish and produce their own works.   That revolution has to come to television, however, and more's the pity.

The Borgias provided a good three years of sage and enjoyable television viewing.   The public deserves more of an ending than this season finale turned into a series finale gives us.   Maybe someday we'll see it.  If not, my enduring thanks for this unconventional peek into religious and political history.

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