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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Killing 3.3: Hitchcockian Scene and More

My favorite scene in The Killing 3.3 last night was a quiet moment in the police station in the wee hours of the morning, when Linden walks into a room, finds Holder working, and joins him at the table.    The scene with a soft elegance shows the two drawing close to each other - professionally, at this point - and speaks to how good they are together as a team in the investigation of depravity.

The other compelling scene in the show depicts just the opposite - the searing depravity itself, in the form of Tom Seward, who has a razor on his person courtesy of it being secreted to him in a bar of soap.   Leaving aside for now the question who gave him the loaded bar - this will no doubt be an important part of the plot in future episodes - we find Seward in his cell, taunting prison guard Becker (played by Hugh Dillon, who was superb in Flashpoint) to get close enough so Seward can cut his face or throat.   This Seward is one creepy tough customer.  We saw him last week pound the priest's head through the cell, so we know what Seward is capable of.   Becker is called away at the last moment and saved - this time - but we've been treated to a great moment of Hitchcockian suspense (knowing a bomb is ticking on a bus, much better than than the sugar-slap of a surprise explosion).

Whatever Seward's guilt or innocence of the crimes under investigation - including the one he's on death row for - he is certainly a darkly, deeply charismatic character, and a couplet and antithesis in many ways of the guy released from death row on the brilliant new series Rectify.  After Becker leaves the scene, we find Seward choking on the razor, getting lacerated by it, and discovered by the prison guards.  Suicide attempt, accident, or some deliberate move to escape?

Like so many other things on The Killing, it remains a tantalizing mystery for now, with Peter Sarsgaard as Seward a fabulous addition to the tip-top cast.

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