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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mad Men 6.12: Rosemary's Baby, Dick Cheney, and Sunkist

What do Rosemary's Baby, Dick Cheney, and Sunkist have in common?  They all played significant roles in tonight's Mad Men 6.12.   Dick Cheney because Ken Cosgrove gets shot in the the face on the hunt - literally and figuratively - by client General Motors.   Sunkist because Harry lands them as a client, which allows Don to stick it to Ted and Ocean Spray.   But the best story concerned Rosemary's Baby, the 1968 supremely creepy movie by Roman Polanski about a guy who drugs out his wife so the devil can sleep with her and bear the devil's baby.

No one is drugged in this episode of Mad Men, but Don is certainly a devil.   Peggy has a brilliant idea for a St. Joseph's Aspirin ad - do a take on a Rosemary Baby's scene which culminates in the pitch for the aspirin from the baby's perspective.  It's a wonderful ad, which had me laughing, but it comes with a big price tag, much more than St. Joseph's expected to pay.

Joan realizes this, but Don runs with it.   He and Megan earlier bumped into Ted and Peggy in a movie theater, where all were seeing Rosemary's Baby, for different reasons.   Ted and Peggy tell Don they needed to see the movie again to be sure about a scene, but Megan instantly realized there's something going on between Ted and Peggy, something more than business.

Don figures out a way to get St. Joseph to go for the expensive ad - at least with part of the cast - but in doing so manages to embarras Ted and Peggy.   His real agenda, of course, is not only to sell the ad to St. Joseph, but indeed to embarras Ted and Peggy.   Why?   Don has been in competition with Ted since the merger, actually before as well, and whatever he may say (including to himself) to the contrary, the last thing he wants to see is Ted finding happiness with Don's girl Peggy.   It's not that Don wants Peggy himself, it's that he doesn't want Ted to have her.

Peggy realizes some or most of this, and in one of the most satisfying verbal thrashings in the series, calls Don a "monster".   In the pendulum of Don swinging from admirable to despicable, which is more  often than not on the despicable side, Don achieved some pretty impressive lows tonight.

But the season is at some kind of high with the advertising and personal hardball it has been serving, and the season's finale is on cue for next week.

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