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Monday, June 10, 2013

Mad Men 6.11: Hand in the Cookie Jar and Guy de Maupassant

Well, it probably wasn't Don's hand, and it wasn't exactly a cookie jar, but he sure got caught in last night's episode 6.11 of Mad Men - and by his daughter Sally, no less.

The season and the episode had been building up to this beautifully.   Early in the season, Sally gets a glimpse of Don and Megan in the bedroom.   Last night, we get too parallel stories that lead up to the great revelation.

In one of these threads, Sally develops an instant crush on Sylvia and the doc's teenage son.   Sally's with her friend, the two are staying over Don and Megan's apartment, and the two girls giggle and plot about the doc's son.  Near the end of the episode, Sally's friend reveals that she left a note for the doc's son, signed by Sally - who rushes back to the apartment building, and sweet talks the genial doorman to give her the key to the doc's and Sylvia's apartment.  Sally walks in, and sees-

Well, the second story also features the doc's son, who has a received a 1A and is thus in imminent danger of being drafted.  The doc and Sylvia are desperate to keep their son out of Vietnam.  Don, who tells Megan it's none of their concern, nonetheless later says the war is "wrong," and soon Don is pitching the big client Chevy's people who have some connections with the military - pitching Chevy not on SC&P's  advertising acumen, that is, but on the inequity of the war.   This leads nowhere except to Ted's chastising Don for getting political with a client - but it turns out that Ted has a connection which can put the doc's boy in a plane far away from Vietnam.   Don conveys the good news to Sylvia, the two get to talking, and-

This is how Don ends up in bed with Sylvia when Sally walks in.   It's a brilliant little short that Guy de Maupassant would have pleased to write.   Don, of course, as befits Mad Men, doesn't quite get his comeuppance but neither does he escape unscathed.   And I fear the wheels are now in motion for Don and Megan to split, which, actually, I'd hate to see because I like Megan.

But looking forward more than ever to rest of this season's Mad Men.

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