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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Falling Skies 3.4: Hal vs. Ben

There were four good plot developments in Falling Skies 3.4 this week -
  • Hal's evil, alien side takes over - which all but confirms, at least to me, that he's the mole, the killer of the Terry O'Quinn character, and who knows what else.
  • Ben and his likely girlfriend don't want their spikes thoroughly removed - he's grown to enjoy the power they give him.  This should make for some interesting developments down the road.
  • Anne's on the run with her and Tom's baby girl.  This happens after the not-so-mad doc played by Robert Sean Leonard tells Anne and us what was clear already last week in the baby's smile: she has alien DNA.  The doc wonders how that could be.   But we already know - it must have come from Tom, who must have been embedded with some alien DNA when he was aboard the ship.  At this point, however, Anne doesn't seem to be thinking much about how that happened - she's more concerned with making sure her super-baby is beyond the reach of the other humans in the compound.  But where will she go?
  • All three of the above developments become even more intense because Tom decides to go off to the see the real President of the United States.  Tom and the good alien who has come to the meeting just about manage to convince the President that cooperating with the good aliens is the only way we can win - when the bad aliens attack.  Who tipped them off, Hal?
These interlocking developments are making for a good story line this year - in fact, better, I think, than in the previous two years.   Hal under alien control can dominate the compound and get it to do his bidding if he plays his cards right.   With Tom and Anne not there, for different reasons, who can successfully oppose him?   Even Pope is with Tom, away from the compound.   That leaves Margaret, who's no dummy, but she doesn't have Hal's alien strength.   So ... we may be down to Ben ... and an all-out Ben vs. Hall confrontation for control of the compound would be something worth watching.



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