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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Killing 3.1-2: Poe Poetic Po-po

The Killing was back in fine brooding, mysterious form for its third season on AMC last night.  The series was almost killed itself, by carping critics unhappy that the first season's murder was not resolved at the end of that season.   I actually enjoyed the twist of no resolution at the end of the first season, and thought the first two seasons were understated quiet masterpieces of television.

Season 3, based on the first two episodes, promises to be the same.   The skeleton of the story is familiar - the M.O. of a brutal guy on death row seems to be repeated, at least in part, by a brand new killing.  Sarah Linden was one of the arresting detectives on the death-row case, and the new homicide is being investigated by Holden and his new partner.    This would be provocative enough, but, in typical Killing fashion, the clues are not at all clear, and, even more intriguingly, seem to point in different directions.

The easy conclusion would be that the guy on death row didn't do the killing for which he was sentenced to death.  Linden has been haunted by the this possibility since the first season, but she tried to put it out of her mind so she could focus on Rosie Larson's killing.   With that finally solved at the end of the second season, Linden is attempting to live an easier life out of downtown Seattle, on her island.   But Holder comes a calling, and she's drawn back into the horrific death row case.

Before the two hours are over, we see we're being treated to a serial killer case of some sort.  And, if the death row guy isn't involved, how come his son keeps drawing pictures of a stand of trees behind which is a pond with a bunch of wrapped dead bodies?   Drawings and memories, I'm glad to see, will continue to be play a crucial role in The Killing.

Holder's pseudo-hip banter, and his interaction with witnesses who call him "po-po," continues in enjoyable form - meaning, I like it, even though I know the grunge demeanor is contrived.  The whole show works as piece of Poe poetic narrative - and it occurs to me that The Following, which I also enjoy, owes a lot of its ambience to The Killing.   But The Following explicitly works the stories of Edgar Allan Poe into its storyline, and The Killing picks up only Poe's cadence, which makes me look forward to The Killing even more.

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