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Monday, June 24, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Finale: Beyond California

As I noted earlier in my reviews of this season's Mad Men, California has always played a very special place in Don's and therefore the series' life.  It's been the place where Don can really be himself.

Therefore it wasn't all that surprising that the first big shock of tonight's Season 6 finale was Don's announcement to Megan and SCP that he'll be setting up an outpost for the firm in Los Angeles.  Megan and the partners are both game.   It would have made for a great concluding season next year.  But it wasn't to be.

And precisely because it made so much sense to go to California was it so surprising that Don did the right thing and let Ted take his place out West.  Los Angeles would have taken Don away from Sally and what she saw of Don with Sylvia.  For that matter, it would have taken Don away from Sylvia too.  It all fit into place - Mad Men situated in California, with a truer version of Don.

But there was a truer version still, and that was to hold sway.   All season long, all series long, Don has swung like a pendulum between good and bad, decent and uncaring.  Last week was one of his lowest moves.  He and we were due for a pendulum swing back towards the good and the caring.   So as much sense as it made for Don to go to California, it made more sense for Don to let Ted go, so Ted could get away from Peggy, left once more in the lurch.

But that wasn't the biggest surprise of all, which happens at the end, and is also fully motivated and justified.  Don blows up another client, this time Hersey, with his confession of what his boyhood was really like, and Sterling, Cooper, and the rest of the partners retaliate - by pushing Don out the door, at least for a couple of month, maybe more.

And so we're set up for the series final season next year, which will start with the truest version of Don we've seen so far - without Megan, without Peggy, and now without a job.   All of this he has sacrificed so he can finally be honest about himself.  And he doesn't need to be in California to do this.

We're ready for the truest Don, in New York - the city where he's lived and loved.  And, if he can make it here next year, he can make it anywhere.

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