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Monday, August 19, 2013

Breaking Bad Final Episodes #2: Skylar and Jesse

People who haven't yet seen any of Breaking Bad often ask those who have what we find so great about the series.  Here's one of many things:  You know the tensions and irritations must of us feel sooner or later about this or that with our in-laws?  Well, in Breaking Bad, that's carried to the most sublime extreme you could imagine.  Even after Hank figures it out about Walt being the man he's been hunting all of these years, there's a big fly in this ointment for Hank.  He has to go in and tell his colleagues at the DEA that the man he's been hunting all of these years was right under Hank's nose and is his brother-in-law.  What kind of fool does that make Hank look like?

And, as is made clear in Final Episode #2, and as Skylar tells the demoralized Walter, Hank will need a lot more than his suspicions to make any charges stick against his brother-in-law.  Certainly Skylar won't give Hank what he needs.   As we've seen many times in the past few years, she's refreshingly as strong as Hank in many ways, and sometimes even stronger.

That leaves Jesse as Hank's best bet to get Walter, and, sure enough, Jesse seems to fall right into Hank's lap at the end of this episode, having come to the attention of the authorities after in typical Jesse fashion throwing millions of dollars out the window.

But, you know what?  Anyone who thinks Jesse will be of any real help to Hank hasn't been watching this show, either.  Because, in typical Jesse fashion, he'll figure out a way of digging out of the hole he just dug for himself in the past two episodes.  It's that chemistry and level of support - from Skylar and Jesse in their own unorthodox ways - that keeps Walt afloat.

Is this luck of Walt's ending?  I don't think so, certainly not yet ...

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