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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Bridge 1.8: Some Dark Poetic Justice

Well, I've been saying for a while that I thought the killer in The Bridge might be Hank, though an extremely outside long shot.   In episode 1.8, we learn that the killer was not Hank but is indeed law enforcement - a Federal agent by the name of David Tate.

But that's just a part of it, in the unfolding of a plot that now makes The Bridge the most tightly wound plot on television, with interconnections like synapses in an evil genius's brain.  I said last week that I thought Alma's new love interest Kenneth Hastings was a bit of a schmuck - by which I meant, something was not right about him.  Turns out there's a lot not right about him.   Kenneth Hastings is David Tate, in one of best twists of this television season (we'll see what Broadchurch serves up).

Not only that, but Marcos is even more involved than just his estranged, pregnant wife now driving away with a stone-cold savage killer, the very killer Marcos has been investigating with Sonya and the gang, though that could have been quite enough.  It turns out that Marcos, whose marriage to Alma was jeopardized by a romp in the hay with Charlotte "I'm not tired" Millwright, had a previous go with Tate's wife - who is killed by a driver who got drunk with the weirdo reporter Daniel Frye, someone whose ultimate relevance in this series is still not clear.

But Marcos's relevance is now super clear.  He's not only one of the lead investigators in the case that started this off, but his character is involved in a classic almost Shakespearean case of dark poetic justice. He slept with Tate's wife, which got her killed since the drunk driver hit her (after his drinking with Frye) on her way home from Marcos.   And now Tate has Marcos's wife just where he wants her - in a car and willingly under his control.

Oh what a tangled, enthralling web this series called The Bridge weaves ...

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