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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Under the Dome 1.8: The Monarch

Not much science fiction in Under the Dome 1.8 last night, but it was good to see Dean Norris get so much time as Big Jim after his performance as Hank on Breaking Bad the night before.   Norris has become one of the most effective character actors on television.

There was a pretty good soft-scientific mystery under the dome last night, however, as Julia and Joe investigate the nucleus egg first introduced last week, when an apparition of Norrie's mother appeared to Joe and Norrie.   This time, it's a second version of Joe, who says "The monarch will be crowned."

A bit earlier in the show, we get a hint of what this monarch is, as we see a graceful monarch butterfly fluttering by.   I raised monarchs with my kids when they were in nursery school - harvested milkweed the caterpillars feed upon, and even planted a purplish butterfly bush - so I was especially pleased to see this turn of events on the show.

Not only that, but we learn that Angie has a monarch butterfly tattoo on her shoulder, which means she is somehow centrally involved in the apparition-Joe's statement.  It's sort of reminiscent of the "save the cheerleader" mantra in Heroes (first time I've mentioned the content of that show in years), and it will be fun to see how this develops.  At very least, it will give Angie a better part than just being locked up, which will be good to see.

Meanwhile, with the death of another character who posed a danger to Big Jim, and Big Jim and Barbie ending the episode at odds, it looks like we will be in for a good showdown between these two central characters.

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