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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Killing Season 3 Finale: We Need Another Season

Well, you just know that Linden cannot find any happiness - not in her job, not in her universe.  So when you see her smile like you've never seen her before at the start of  The Killing's Season 3 finale, you know that no good can come of it, and you think it likely that the source of her happiness, the source of her smile, will be the worst thing in her universe this season.   Because it turns out that she's just slept with the killer of the young prostitutes, also the killer of Tricia Seward, whose husband Ray hung for her killing last week, in one of the best anti-capital-punishment episodes ever seen on television or in the movies.

And who is this killer who has just slept with Linden?  Not Reddick, because although a lot of circumstantial evidence is starting to point at him, there's no way that Linden would ever sleep with him.  And, besides, his being the killer would not have been revealed so early in the two-hour Season 3 finale of this fine series.  No, that's not the way The Killing works.

This series continues twisting the knife, turning the screws, until there is no place else to twist or turn.   And so the killer in this season turns out to be Lt. Skinner.   Not the pastor, not Callie's mother's boyfriend, and certainly not Ray Seward.   It's Skinner, Linden's erstwhile lover and partner, who sleeps with Linden again and makes her happier than we've ever seen her at the beginning of this double episode.

And it all fits together.  He was able to nab Ray so well - with Linden's unknowing help - because he was the one who murdered Ray's wife Tricia.  He knew all the details.  He had come over to the Seward home to see what Adrian had seen from the treehouse near the water - the treehouse that we recently discovered Ray had built for his son.   Skinner's a world-class pyscho serial killer - meting out deaths not only to the young prostitutes in this case, and to Tricia Seward, but to many others, he tells Linden, buried who knows where.

And Linden's shooting him to death makes perfect moral sense - for her, for her guilt, for the world.  But not much sense for her continuation in the job she loves and lives for - her job as a detective.

It will be left to Holder, who tries in vain to stop Linden, to make things right - do some typical cop magic to make it look like Linden shot Skinner in self-defense.   Just how will Holder do this?

AMC better bring us a Season 4 of this superb series to show us, and more.

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