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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Bridge 1.7: A Killer and a Reluctant Professor

Well, our team nailed a killer in the pounding Bridge 1.7, but is he the killer they and we have been seeking?  He blew a deputy's head off, no doubt.  But Sonya suspects that he's not the main killer - and certainly not the brains of the evil operation - and she knows what she's talking about.

Clearly Hank didn't shoot the deputy - wasn't that line in the Eric Clapton song? - but he could still technically could be the evil uber-killer.  I don't really think so ... but I'm just saying for the record.

But here's something I do think:  Is it only me, or is Marco's wife Alma being much too hard on him? Okay, he cheated on her, one night, and she's acting as if he she learned he had been carrying on a longterm affair for years, or had been sleeping with every woman in town.

Alma clearly likes the reluctant professor - who seems a bit of a schmuck himself - but I have a feeling there's something more going on with her.  We'll see - and also whether that has any connection to the case.

Indeed, at this point, there are still lots of promising loose ends out there for grabs as solutions to the case.   The tunnel doyen certainly enjoys her work, and is ruthless to the core.   Cesar is capable of any level of violence, even though he says he doesn't enjoy it.  Daniel's out of his mind - I wouldn't put anything past him - but I guess he's pretty much on the victim side of this.  But Charlotte's husband's still a cypher, and who knows what he might have set into motion.

Lots of good story ahead on the road, in English and Spanish, and I'm looking forward.

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