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Monday, August 5, 2013

Cowardly Republican Party Threatens NBC and CNN

Did you see this?  The Republican National Committee has threatened NBC and CNN - the RNC will veto any Presidential debates held on NBC and CNN, if the two networks go ahead with their plans to air a mini-series and a movie about Hillary Clinton.  Reince Priebus, RNC Chair (to my science fictional eyes, the name sounds like he comes from some villainous planet in the Foundation series), says that he thinks airing the Clinton shows will give her an unfair advantage in the 2016 Presidential election.   Pressing the networks is villainous enough in itself - a heavy-handed attempt to regulate the free flow of information in our country.

The threat is also clueless.   Hillary Clinton is already world-famous whether she runs for President in 2016 or not.  As a former First Lady, former Senator from the great state of New York, close contender in the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary, and most recently Secretary of State, her life already has ample accomplishment and profile for the making of all kinds of movies and TV shows.   Priebus, desperate, is just doing what he can to limit the public's knowledge of an iconic figure who will continue to be iconic and better-known than any Republican candidate regardless of these dramatizations.

I try to be even-handed when I criticize politicians and parties about their interference with dissemination of information.   For example, Democrats like Chuck Schumer have been as dangerously wrong as his Republican counterparts in his caterwauling about Edward Snowden being a threat to national security.   But the Republicans still have the stage all to themselves when it comes to misunderstanding a media situation, and calling for de facto censorship.   Here's my advice to the GOP: try coming up with policies that Americans like, and stop trying to win elections by badgering the media.

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