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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Under the Dome 1.10: The 4th Hand

In the mashup of intersecting stories that is Under the Dome, the one that moves the science fiction forward in episode 1.10 is the fourth hand.  We find it belongs to Junior - who has suffered seizures like the other three hand-holders - and all four hands unleash something from the egg within the little dome which now also has a caterpillar on the way to metamorphosing into a monarch butterfly.

But what does it all mean?  Little to no clue as yet - just a chrysalis and pink stars -  so the science fiction part of Under the Dome has moved forward just a smidgen, or less than the thickness of a butterfly's wing.

But the personal stories were cooking on all flames to tonight.

Big Jim gets another murder under his belt - though, I don't know, is it murder when he lets a dangerous woman (Maxine's mother) drown after she falls off a boat?  Probably, since he was the one who tied her up which means - likely - that she'll drown.  But on the other hand, she did level a rifle at him.

More impressively, Barbie and Julia are finally on the same page regarding what Barbie did to Peter's husband.   Since Barbie's killing Peter was all part of Peter's plan for suicide by opponent with a gun  - so Julia can get Peter's life insurance - she can't be that mad at Barbie for pulling the trigger.  Of course, no one in Chester's Mill is collecting big money with the dome overhead, so Julia won't be getting rich any time soon.

But Barbie, for his part, does say no to Maxine's advances, which puts him in at least a half-decent moral position to come to Julia.   They've been my favorite couple on the series all along, so I can only hope that Julia survives the gunshot we see her receive in the coming attractions of the final three episodes of this season.

Four hands, three episodes left, and a lot yet to be revealed in this strange summer series.

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