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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dexter 8.6: The Protege

A great Sunday night on Dexter 8.6, capped off with an out-of-left-field delicious surprise ending.

The meat of the story concerns Zach Hamilton, a teenage sociopath splashing red all over Dexter's radar.  In one of the best lines of the night - and it was great night for memorable lines - Dex muses as he looks at Zach's photos on the wall that Zach "treats the blood like a swimsuit model".  Not only does Zach love blood, here's already killed one woman to get it - not just because his father was having an affair with her, but, more importantly, as Dexter realizes, because Zach loves the kill - and he's about to kill another.   Not only that, but he's Dr. Vogel's patient.   When Dexter signals that Zach will soon be on his table, Vogel suggests that Dex spare Zach and teach him Harry's code.

And, with Zach on the table near the end of the episode, that's just what Dex does - he spares Zach and takes him in.   This gives the series the new possibilities - a true Dexter in training, which gives another reason why it's too bad the series is ending - and demonstrates once again the power that Vogel has over Dexter.   Her suggestion about Zach is logical enough, but Dexter would not have taken it up had Vogel not had a deep influence over him.

There's still the question of who is the arch-villain this season?  Who is the Trinity?  It become a little more clear to me every week that the prime villain this season is Vogel.

And speaking villains, we come to our surprise at the end, set up by another great line, this one from Deb.   Complaining about their steaks, which Dex and Deb are consuming with beer at home, Deb says her "steak tastes like asshole".   And that's because, as we soon see, her and Dexter's steaks were laced with drugs.  Yes, Hannah is back!   What a season!

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