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Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to Survive the End of the World ends on NatGeo tonight

It's been a wild eight months.   Since early December 2013, David Bartell, I, and sundry commentators have been scurrying from bunker to bunker in Brooklyn - all at undisclosed locations - doing our best to combat zombies, volcanos, bone-shattering cold, and a planet-wide storm.  Tonight it all comes to end, as we witness and try to put into some semblance of perspective our civilization consumed by nano-tech, literally, at 9pm Eastern, followed by a Noah's Arc flood at 10pm.

Actually, if you're a real glutton for scientifically plausible doomsdays, you can tune in to NatGeo at 8pm this evening for their rebroadcast of Hell on Earth, the volcanic scenario.   But keep tuned for or DVR the following two hours for two different kinds of roller coaster rides from hell.

We were able to get these videos with a few clips of the action out of the bunker.  Enjoy.

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